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Personal Training @ Home or Private Studio

From weight training sessions, to toning and building muscle, we completely customize your personal training program to YOU and the results you are striving for. For this, you must have a personal or private gym where we can train.

Neufit Training

Whether you are an ordinary person wanting to enhance your workouts, or a fitness enthusiast wanting to fast track your results, NeuFit Training, using the FDA approved NeuFit Method, is the perfect way to do this!

The NeuFit Machine is a medical professional device that uses electrolysis for neurological fitness training and physical therapy. It is FDA-cleared* and patented. It sends safe electric signals to exactly where you want to target in your muscle fibers, which as a result, enhances your muscle growth and strength.

We build a highly efficient fitness program customized to you, that produces immediate results. You’ll achieve longer lasting results, by directly targeting the muscle fibers you want to enhance. This machine provides a safe and more sustainable way to tone and build muscle, rather than doing load-bearing exercises that can be taxing on the joints. Reduce your recovery time from an injury, and get back faster with this machine!

Customized Nutrition Plans

What you eat is your body's direct fuel source to energy, your immune system, muscle recovery, and more! This is why it is SO important to not “diet”, but incorporate a lifestyle and habit of eating foods that are actually fuel for your body instead of just a substance.

With that, when creating a nutrition plan for you, we focus on customizing a plan that is something you will like, so it is sustainable for you and your lifestyle! We will go through your daily routine, eating habits, work life, goals, etc, and come up with a plan that will be easy for you to maintain and your body will thrive on.

Supplement Program

When it comes to toning, muscle building, weight gaining or losing weight, supplements, when used properly, can be extremely beneficial to helping you achieve your goals. With the market saturated with different supplements and claims, it can be difficult to know which ones actually work. Quit wasting money and time, with trial and error, and go right to the source for proven results.

During your consultation, we will go over your goals, what you’re currently taking, and your current routine. From that, we will come up with a supplement program for you to follow to enhance and fast track your results.

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